R13 Spiral Reinforced Rubber Hose

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R13 Spiral Reinforced Rubber Hose

Meeting the requirement of SAE 100 R13 standard, this range of steel wire spiral reinforced rubber hose includes an interior synthetic rubber hose, four layer of spiral reinforcement, and an exterior cover.
1. The interior hose is made of oil resistant black rubber.
2. The reinforcement layers are constructed using copper facing steel wires, which provide the spiral steel wire reinforced hose with increased flexibility and fatigue resistance. The design also makes the spiral reinforced rubber hose ideal for high pressure operations.
3. The rubber cover for the wire reinforced hose is aging, weather and abrasion resistant.

The spiral reinforced rubber hose is designed to support a wide temperature range, from -40℃ to 120℃. It applicable for transferring mediums such as air, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and more.
The high pressure hose is regularly used for ships, hydraulic machines, engineering machinery, mining equipment, farm machinery, metal forging and pressing equipment, among others. If you have any related demand, please contact us now! We are confident that our hydraulic hoses, oil hoses, and air hoses can meet your demands.

Our R13 high pressure hydraulic hoses have made some improvements on the basis of our R12 series. Being thicker in reinforcement layer and outer cover layer, R13 series can withstand higher working pressure. Accordingly, it is heavier than R12 series. The outer diameter ranges from 32mm to 72.3mm. The available maximum working pressure is 350bar and the maximum burst pressure is 1380bar. More details are listed below.

SAE 100R13
Inside Diameter Reinforc ement Diameter Outside Diameter Working Pressure Proof Pres sure Burst Pres sure Min. Bend Radius Weight
inch mm mm mm psi bar bar bar mm kg/m
3/4 18.6-19.8 29.2-29.8 32.0-32.8 5000 350 830 1380 240 1.65
1 25.0-26.4 35.5-36.1 38.3-39.1 5000 350 830 1380 300 2.25
1-1/4 31.4-33.0 47.1-47.7 49.9-50.7 5000 350 830 1380 420 3.6
1-1/2 37.7-39.3 54.7-55.3 57.5-58.3 5000 350 830 1380 500 4.75
2 50.4-52.0 67.7-68.3 71.5-72.3 5000 350 830 1380 630 6.9

After wrapping with plastic film, our steel wire spiral reinforced rubber hoses are packed in cartons or wooden cases. We can also pack these high pressure hoses according to client-side demands.

As an experienced R13 steel wire spiral hydraulic hose manufacturer and supplier in China, JINTONG also offers Teflon hose, cotton braided rubber hose, twin welding hose, and rubber steam hose, among others.

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