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The steel wire spiral reinforced rubber hose features a three-layer construction: interior synthetic rubber tubing, four layers of high tensile steel wire spiral reinforcement, and exterior black rubber cover. The unique structure make the high pressure hose perfect for high pressure operations without compromising on flexibility.

The steel wire reinforced hose is applicable for mediums such as air, oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic liquid, etc. Hence, it is an ideal solution for you if you are looking for quality air hoses, oil hoses, hydraulic hoses, etc.

Our steel wire spiral reinforced rubber hoses are available in a great number of specifications and standards. Customers can choose an appropriate type according to desired working pressure, and hose diameters.

JINTONG is an expert in industrial hoses. In addition to spiral wire hoses, we can also supply steel wire braided rubber hose, Teflon hose, PVC hose, and more.

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