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Textile Braided Rubber Air/Water Hose

This range of rubber hose is suitable for delivering of air, water, inert gas, and other neutral mediums in industries such as mining, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, and steel production. It typically serves as the air hose, water delivery hose, water suction hose, etc. Available with a wide service temperature range, from -35℃ to +120℃, this range of rubber hose can satisfy each of your demand. We welcome you to contact us if you need low pressure hoses, whether that is air compressor hose, or garden hose.

Construction Features
1. The interior tubing is made of SBR and NBR blended rubber, and it comes with black smooth surface.
2. The reinforcement for our air hoses and water transfer hoses is made up of polyester fiber braiding.
3. The exterior cover with black smooth or fabric textured surface is weather and ozone resistant. Also, it is wearing and aging resistant.

In addition to rubber hoses with polyester fiber braided reinforcement, we can also supply steel wire reinforced hoses for air and water delivery. Yellow and other colors are available as well.

Our water delivery hoses, water suction hoses, and air hoses offer maximum length of 100 meters. In addition to standard products available in stock, we can also produce our rubber hoses according client-side demands on inner diameter, outer diameters, working pressure and bursting pressure.

Textile Braided Air/Water hose
Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Working Pressure Burst Pressure Min. Bend Radius Weight
inch mm mm Bar bar mm kg/m
1/4 6 15.5 20 60 102 0.308
5/16 8 17.5 20 60 114 0.324
3/8 10 19.5 20 60 127 0.400
1/2 13 23.0 20 60 178 0.548
5/8 16 26.0 20 60 203 0.600
3/4 19 30.5 20 60 241 0.760
1 25 38.0 20 60 305 1.080
1-1/4 32 46.0 20 60 419 1.280
1-1/2 38 56.0 20 60 500 1.720
2 51 70.0 20 60 630 2.900

Our air hose and garden hose products are packaged by plastic film, before they are packed in cartons or wooden cases. The packaging can also be customized.

As a professional air hose, garden hose manufacturer in China, JINTONG also provides cotton overbraided fuel hose, wire braided hydraulic hose, oxygen PVC hose, rubber steam hose, and much more.

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