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Acetylene Welding Hose

As its name indicates, the acetylene hose is mainly utilized to deliver acetylene. It is designed for gas welding and cutting equipment. Because of the superior quality raw material and the special construction, this welding gas hose can also serve as an oxygen hose. Additionally, we can supply twin welding hose as well.

The acetylene hose features a three-layer construction. The interior layer is a synthetic rubber hose in black color. The same as the interior, the exterior cover is also made of NR and NBR synthetic rubber which is resistant to abrasion, weather, and aging. The rubber cover is available in red and blue colors. The middle is a high tensile synthetic yarn reinforcement which is constructed using braiding or spiraling method, and this layer allows the welding hose to achieve better pressure resistance.

Acetylene Hose
Inside Diameter Wall Working Pressure Burst Pressure Length Max. Weight
inch mm mm Bar bar m kg/m
3/16 5 3.5 20 60 100 0.15
1/4 6 3.5 20 60 100 0.17
5/16 8 3.5 20 60 100 0.22
3/8 9 3.5 20 60 100 0.24
3/8 10 3.5 20 60 100 0.25
1/2 13 4.5 20 60 100 0.400

After wrapped by plastic film, our oxygen and acetylene hoses are packaged in cartons or wooden cases. This reinforced rubber hose can also be packaged according to client-side demands.

We are a specialized oxygen and acetylene hose manufacturer in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including PVC hose, steel wire braided hydraulic rubber hose, rubber steam hose, cotton braided rubber hose, and much more.

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